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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

Construction of Lubonja hydropower plant

Concession contract in the form of BOT (construction, operation, transfer) for the construction of the Lubonjë hydropower plant, on the Lubonjë River, Korçë district.
The contract was concluded between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and Alb Agron shpk and Xhengo shpk.
At the end of the concession period, the company will return the object to the Contracting Authority. The duration of the concession is 35 years.
The total value of the investment is 39'000'000 ALL, of which 10'000'000 ALL are investments in machinery and equipment.
The concession fee is 2% of the annual electricity production which the concessionaire must pay to the Contracting Authority.
The Concessionaire will reinvest 60% of the investment value for machinery and equipment starting from the 25th year.
The Concessionaire may subcontract its services to third parties only with the prior approval of the Contracting Authority and for not more than 50% of the investment value.

Elektro Lubonja shpk
Company Description
Merger of Alb Agron shpk and Xhengo shpk. This company was created to implement the concession contract. The company was established on 28.03.2009. Its legal form is shpk. Its share capital is 100,000 leke.

Ilir Bala - 66.67% of the quotas.
Taulant Kurti - 33.33% of the quotas.

Related Persons and Entities
Agron Hasankolli - current administrator (28.03.2009 - 31.12.2023)
On 08.10.2019, Agron Hasankolli sold all his shares to Ilir Balas (who already owns 66.67% of the shares) and Taulant Kurti (who already owns 33.33% of the shares).