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Construction of MBM port in Porto Romano, Durrës

The concession contract was concluded between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the concession company Port MBM (Multy Buoy Mooring). The concession company was established in accordance with law no. 128/2013 “On concessions and public private partnership” as “subject for special purposes” by the partners: Adriatic Petroleum Platform PTE LTD, ATEC srl, Mampey Offshore Industries By and Salillari shpk.
The object of the contract is: The Contracting Authority grants the concessionaire in the form of BOT (construction, operation, transfer) a port type MBM (Multi Buoy Mooring) in Porto Romano, according to which the concessionaire must develop vessels that transport hydrocarbons of sizes over 20 thousand tons.

Porti MBM (Multi Buoy Mooring)
Company Description
The company was established on 17.03.2015, with a share capital of 100 ALL. The company was created specifically to implement the concession contract. Its head office is at the address: Porto Romano, Durrës.

Salillari - 1% of the shares
Adriatic Bay Investment Group shpk - 99% of the shares

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