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Construction of Tervol hydropower plant

Concession contract in the form of BOT (construction, operation, transfer) for the construction of the Tervol hydropower plant, in Pishaj commune, Gramsh district in order to produce electricity and increase the security of electricity supply in the area. The contract is concluded between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and Ble-klo-ar. The Contracting Authority guarantees the purchase of energy produced by this hydropower plant for the first 15 years of production. At the end of the concession period, the company will return the object to the Contracting Authority. The concessionaire has no right to award the concession contract with sub-concession. The concession fee is 3% of the energy produced to be paid to the Contracting Authority. The Concessionaire will reinvest every 15 years for 50% of the value invested in machinery and equipment. The Concessionaire may subcontract parts of the Services to third parties.

HEC-i Tervolit
Company Description
The company was created to implement the concession for the construction of the hydropower plant in Tervol. It was established on 12.12.2007 and its legal form is shpk. Its share capital is 390'929'905 leke.

Bashkim Spahiu - 4.5% of the shares
Olset Haxhiu - 8.37% of the shares
Refat Mustafaraj - 14.5% of the shares
SKRAQI - 34.2% of the shares
BLE-KLO-AR - 38.43% of the shares

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