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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

Construction of hydropower plants Faqekuq 1 and Faqekuq 2

Concession contract in the form of BOT (construction, operation, transfer) for the construction of hydropower plants Faqekuq 1 and Faqekuq 2 in the stream Faqekuq, Skrapar district. The concessionaire also targets the production, supply, transmission, distribution, export and sale of electricity.
The contract was concluded between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and the companies Busa shpk and IRZ shpk.
At the end of the concession period, the company will return the object to the Contracting Authority. The duration of the concession is 35 years.

Company Description
Merger of the companies Busa shpk and IRZ shpk. This company was created to implement the concession contract. The company was established on 29.06.2009. Its legal form is shpk. Its share capital is 100'000 ALL. Its head office is with the address Qendër Skrapar, Turbohovë, administrative unit Leshnjë, building no. 2 of the Hydropower Plant Faqekuq 1 and 2.

Konstantinos Mavrogiannakis - 35% of the shares
Bujar Çeta - 23% of the shares
Giorgios Tzinieris - 20% of the shares
Sali Çeta - 22% of the shares

Related Persons and Entities
Sali Çeta - current administrator (29.06.2009 - 25.01.2021)

On 25.01.2016, Emanuel Mavrogiannakis donated 35% of his shares to Konstantinos Mavrogiannakis.
On 12.06.2015, HP OSTROVICA ENERGY shpk became a guarantor on behalf of the company HP UJANIKU ENERGY shpk. The company has placed as collateral 80% of its shares in favor of BKT, has placed as collateral the agreement for the sale of electricity at the rate of 80% for the benefit of BKT and also a pledge agreement with BKT.
On 26.09.2011, the partner BUSA shpk left. the partner Bujar Çeta has been increased (23% of the shares) and the percentage of shares of Sali Çeta has increased from 15% to 22% of the capital.
On 15.07.2009 the partner IRZ shpk left, Busa shpk owns 30% of the capital from 70% that it initially owned. The following partners have been added: Emanuel Mavrogiannakis (35% of shares), Sali Çeta (15% of shares), Giorgios Tzinieris (20% of shares).