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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

Construction of the Çarshova hydropower plant

Concession contract in the form of BOT (construction, operation, transfer) for the construction of the Çarshova hydropower plant.
The contract was concluded between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and the company Korsel shpk.

At the end of the concession period, the company will return the object to the Contracting Authority. The duration of the concession is 35 years.
The Contracting Authority must guarantee the purchase of electricity from KESH sh.a for the first 15 years of production.
The total value of the investment is 83'500'000 ALL, of which 24'999'600 ALL are investments in machinery and equipment.
The concession fee is 2.5% of the annual electricity production which the concessionaire must pay to the Contracting Authority.
The Concessionaire will reinvest 50% of the investment value for machinery and equipment. This value will be invested every 15 years.
The Concessionaire may subcontract its services to third parties only.

Korsel shpk
Company Description
The company was established on 26.02.1996. Its legal form is shpk. Its share capital is 223'600'000 ALL.

Its head office is at Fan Boulevard. S. Noli, in front of the supermarket "Elisabet", Korça.
The object of its activity are: construction of civil buildings, reconstruction of buildings, decoration services, funeral services, import-export of industrial products, construction materials, doors, fishing, wine production and trade, environmental audit, etc.
On 04.02.2019, Private Bailiff Neritan Çuko issued a sequestration measure against 100% of the company's shares to settle its obligations to third parties, but this measure was lifted at the request of the bailiff on 12.04.2019.
On 12.02.2019, Maksim Fejzulla has concluded Insurance Agreement No. 548 Rep., No. 534 Kol, dated 12.02.2019, related between "Raiffeisen Bank" sh.a.


Maksim Fejzulla - 100% of the shares

Related Persons and Entities
Maksim Fejzulla - current administrator (31.01.2018 - 22.05.2021)
Blerina Beqaj - Administrator (08.08.2017 - 31.01.2018)
Maksim Fejzulla - former administrator (26.02.1996 - 08.08.2017)
On 08.10.1997 the partner Ioanit Kumioti leaves and sells all his shares to Maksim Fejzulla.
On March 27, 1998, partners Ziso Theodhori and Demir Areza were added, buying 8.2% of the shares each. Maksim Fejzulla already owns 84% of the shares.
On July 26, 2001, partners Ziso Theodhori and Demir Areza left. Maksim Fejzulla is the only partner.