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Construction of underground parking in Rinia Park, Tirana

The concession contract was signed between the Municipality of Tirana and the company Taiëan shpk.
Object: construction, operation and transfer of underground parking in the park "Youth", Tirana. The contract is in BOT form.
The duration of the contract is 30 years.

The Municipality of Tirana undertakes to hand over to the concessionaire the physical space where the underground parking will be built. The municipality will hand over this space without any burden, defect or defect. She will deliver the space within 30 days from the date of signing the contract.
The Concessionaire will have the exclusive right to enter, take possession and use the parking location. The Concessionaire will bear the costs and improvements related to the location of the project. He will not use the project location for any purpose other than those stated in the contract.
The Concessionaire will have in peaceful possession and joy the location of the project throughout the duration of the concession. The Concessionaire has no and will not have any obligation or liability in connection with the payment of any damages to third parties from whom the location of the project has been obtained. If the concessionaire is obstructed by any person claiming title or interest rights over the parking location, the Municipality of Tirana will cover any loss or damage that the concessionaire may suffer.
The Concessionaire enjoys full and exclusive rights to use the parking location and thus it may establish rules for the entry and use of this space by third parties. The concessionaire must not place a lien on the entire surface of the site or on certain parts of it.
The Concessionaire will have an unlimited title of ownership over the Project Environment (i.e. over all improvements and new constructions that the Concessionaire will create). The concessionaire will register his title in the public registers. It may create a mortgage or security lien on the Project Environment. It can also enter into financing agreements with any financing party with whom it can serve to fulfill its obligations under the contract.
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Tirana Parking
Company Description
Object: to implement the concession contract. The company was established on 12.05.2016. Its capital is 100 lek.

Taiwan shpk - owns100% of shares

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Besnik Sulaj - administrator (12.05.2016 - 24.09.2019)