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Container terminal management in the Port of Durres

The contract was signed between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Durrës Kurum Shipping sh.a. and Global Liman Isletmeleri AS.

Object: management, operation, maintenance, technical improvement and adaptation to meet current and future requirements for the container terminal within the territory of the Port of Durres in relation to traffic, loading - unloading of container ships, storage of containers, storage, movement extra, transportation, control etc. At the end of the concession period, the concessionaire will transfer the project infrastructure and services to the Contracting Authority. The services and obligations of the concessionaire will be valid only for the limits specified in the contract. Any activity carried out outside these boundaries must be approved in advance by the Durrës Port Authority and will be rented for this additional used area.
The Contracting Authority grants the concessionaire exclusive rights for the activities of the container terminal in the Bay of Durrës.
The duration of the concession is 35 years.
The Concessionaire shall not impose, enforce, collect, impose and require payments, fees and charges which are determined and imposed solely and exclusively by the Durrës Port Authority.
The Concessionaire will always act as a reliable partner of the Contracting Authority and will always safeguard the public interest.
The concessionaire will establish the concessionaire company within 30 days from the date of signing the contract. The concessionaire and the concessionaire company will be jointly and severally liable to the Contracting Authority. The Concessionaire will start working within 6 months from the effective date.
All contracts that the Concessionaire enters into with third parties will not have a validity period longer than 3 months after the end of the concession period.
Durrës Port Authority has the right to change the tariffs in part or in whole in cooperation with the concessionaire.
The concessionaire will retain control over the management, supervision and decision-making in the concessionaire company. If he wishes to transfer control of the concessionaire company he must seek the approval of the Contracting Authority.
The concessionaire will remove the dock, which is located on the shipyard, at his own expense. If he fails to perform this activity, then the Durrës Port Authority will perform it in his place, but the concessionaire must reimburse the Durrës Port Authority for the costs.
In any case, the Contracting Authority and the Durrës Port Authority will recognize the right of way to the concessionaire.
The Contracting Authority will assist the Concessionaire in securing permits, authorizations and licenses.
The Concessionaire has the right to offer its customers refunds or reduction of tariff rates published by the Durrës Port Authority, but must comply with applicable competition legislation and will not offer any service at a price lower than the cost.
The Contracting Authority shall ensure that the existing infrastructure and superstructure, including piers, comply with engineering and safety standards.
The concessionaire undertakes to vacate the land he held in possession within the Port of Durrës in the conditions and condition as it is. He will provide the Contracting Authority with original copies of the insurance policies.
The Contracting Authority will provide the concessionaire with the permits, authorizations and licenses for the project that are the competence of the Contracting Authority and the Durrës Port Authority. He will make every effort to assist the concessionaire to obtain permits, authorizations and licenses that are not within the competence of the Contracting Authority and the Durrës Port Authority.
The Concessionaire will perform a Contract Insurance for the benefit of the Contracting Authority. The Contract Insurance will be irrevocable and payable upon the first claim in the form of an unconditional insurance policy issued by an Albanian insurance company in the form of an irrevocable bank guarantee and payable upon the first claim. This Contract Insurance will be issued by a commercial bank or an insurance company. The insurance value is 3'250'000 USD or 10% of the investment value.
The Contracting Authority and the Durrës Port Authority guarantee the concessionaire that they have all intellectual property rights including software licenses and software (software).
The concession fee is 2% of the annual turnover before profit tax and excluding VAT.
The Concessionaire shall pay to the Contracting Authority a royalty payment equal to 21% of the amount after deduction of profit tax and VAT, but without deducting costs and expenses of any kind. This payment will apply to all tariffs for container processing works including loading - unloading and services provided based on tariffs published by the Durrës Port Authority.
The Concessionaire will apply the service fees

Durrës Container Terminal
Company Description
Object of the concession: implementation of the contract. Durrës Container Terminal sh.a was established on 21.09.2011. The capital was 1,016,000,000 lek.
  • Mariner - wons 0.09 % of shares.
  • Durrës Kurum shipping - owns 99.9 % of shares.
  • Global Liman Isletmeleri - owns 0.01 % of shares.
Related Persons and Entities
  • Ada Kallçaku - current administrator (04.10.2017 - 10.10.2021)
  • Mesut Yanar - administrator (30.09.2013 - 04.10.2017)
  • Ahmet Kursun - administrator (21.09.2011 - 30.09.2013)