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Control of measuring instruments through verification of fuel and liquefied gas distribution instruments

The contract was signed between the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the company Noa Control shpk and the concession company Noa Inspect shpk.
The object of the contract is: the concessionaire must perform the legal control of metering instruments through the verification of fuel and liquefied gas distribution instruments throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania. The Concessionaire has the exclusive rights to perform this service and neither the Contracting Authority nor any other public institution has the right to authorize, license or enter into relationships for the same services with any other economic entity.

Shoqëria konçesionare Noa Inspect
Company Description
Object of activity: to implement the concession contract. The company was established on 15.07.2019. Its capital is 1'000'000 ALL.

Noa Control - 100% of the shares

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Matiel Hoxha - current administrator (15.07.2019 - 15.07.2024)