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Establishment and operation of the Fiscal Stamp Control System

The contract does not state specifically that a tender has taken place for this concession. According to it, the Contracting Authority has given its request to the concession company on 16.11.2009. After that, the concession company made its proposal on 05.02.2010 and emerged victorious on 21.06.2010.The concession has been granted to build an operating system that will track and detect products that are subject to excise tax and that the fiscal stamp serves as proof that this tax has been paid. But the concessionaire company does not aim to collect the excise tax.

SICPA Security Solutions Albania shpk
Company Description
The company was established on 30.08.2010. Its share capital is 150'000'000 ALL. Initially its shareholders were wholly owned by the parent company SICPA SECURITY SOLUTIONS S.A.
This company was created specifically to implement the concession contract.

SICPA SA - 100% of the shares

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