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Improvement and management of parking system in Vlora

The concession contract was signed between the Municipality of Vlora and TIS Holding LLC and On Track Innovations LTD.
The parties agree that intellectual property (such as telematics applications, business model, logo, design, etc.) will not be transferred from the concessionaire to the Contracting Authority.

After the conclusion of the contract, the concessionaire must transfer to the Authority maps, diagrams, sketches, plans, statistics, etc.
Object: the concessionaire has exclusive rights for the systematization, administration and management of the parking system in Vlora.
To implement the contract, the concessionaire will be given the right of passage, peaceful enjoyment and the right to carry out works to establish the telematics infrastructure and horizontal and vertical signage. If the concessionaire is hindered during the implementation of the project, then the Contracting Authority will assist it, including the engagement of the Municipal Police structures. The Contracting Authority guarantees that it will provide the necessary assistance to connect the project to the existing infrastructure network.
The concessionaire has the right to subcontract the works and services that are the subject of the contract.
The duration of the contract is 15 years.
The tariff that benefits the concessionaire will be renegotiated and amended every 2 years. This renegotiation will be based on changes in inflation rate and market conditions. The fee includes the usual service fee and additional fees that may be penalties. With regard to penalties, the concessionaire will apply the fees set by the City Council.
The concessionaire will establish within 45 days the concessionaire company to which he will transfer all his rights and obligations. The concessionaire and the concessionaire company will be jointly and severally liable for all rights and obligations under this contract.
The Concessionaire will not be able to transfer shares / quotas of the Concessionaire Company without the prior approval of the Contracting Authority.
The concessionaire company will not be involved in other business activities without obtaining the prior consent of the Contracting Authority. Also, over time the concession company can expand its activity in other areas of the municipality of Vlora.
The concessionaire will cover the project and its implementation with its own costs and expenses.
The Concessionaire will be solely responsible for any deficiencies in the project. He will be exclusively responsible for the technical feasibility, operational capacity and reliability of the project. Also, the concessionaire will apply the applicable road safety norms and make it possible for people with disabilities to benefit from the services.
The concession fee that the concessionaire must pay to the Municipality of Vlora is 10'000'000 ALL per year for the first 2 years and 10'000'000 ALL per year + 2% of the annual turnover for each subsequent year. The concession fee becomes chargeable within 30 days from the submission of the balance sheet.

Tis Park
Company Description
On Track Innovations - 2% of Tis Park shares
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