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Mandatory technical control of motor vehicles and their trailers

The concession contract was concluded between the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunications and the company Societe Generale De Surveillance SA.
The Concessionaire will take over the existing Technical Control Centers in their current condition, according to an inventory. Also, the Concessionaire will receive the existing equipment in their current condition and there will be no future claims against the Contracting Authority regarding their condition.

SGS Automotive Albania shpk
Company Description
The company was established on 10.09.2009, with a share capital of 190'000'100 ALL. The company was created specifically to implement the concession contract. Its head office is at the address: Rruga Irfan Tomini, Pallati G & P, First floor, Tirana.

Societe Generale De Surveillance SA - 100% of the shares

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