Albania's Public Private Partnerships

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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

Mother Teresa International Airport

Design, construction and operation of "Mother Teresa" International Airport in Rinas, with exclusive rights to international flights to and from Albania for an initial period of 20 years starting from 2005. This contract was amended in 2016  and was extended with 2 years in exchange for the removal of the exclusivity clause on international flights. As part of the concession, the contracted company has been transferred to the old Rinas airport terminal as well as the rights to build and operate the new terminal. The winning company has also built an airport connecting road with the Durrës-Tirana highway.

Tirana International Airport
Company Description
Company established on September 20, 2004 specifically for the implementation of the concession contract. It was initially owned by Hochtief Airport GmbH 78.7% and Albanian-American Enterprise Fund 21.3%. In October 2004, Hochtief sold 31.7% of the shares of DEG - Deutsche Investments. The concession agreement provided for the investment of a share capital of 9,375,000 Euros. On October 6, 2016, the company was bought for 82.25 million euros by Real Fortress Private Limited, a company registered in Singapore, which now owns 100 % of shares. On December 1st 2020, the concession was sold to Kastrati Group for 71 million euros.
  • Kastrati Group Sha - 100 % shareholder of Tirana International Airport
Related Persons and Entities
  • Joachim Christoph Constantin Dr.Von Alvensleben - administrator i Tirana International Airport
  • Shefqet Kastrati, chairman and 100 % shareholder of Kastrati Group