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Olive cultivation in Synej, Luz i Vogel, Kryevidh and Gose, Kavaja

The concession contract was concluded between the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection and the company Agrotal 1 sh.a.
The object of the contract is the provision of services: concession of land up to 1000 ha (not less than 700 ha) for olive cultivation in the municipalities of Synej, Luz i Vogël, Kryevidh and Gosë in Kavaja.
In this context, the concessionaire will design, build, put into operation, administer, maintain the olive grove, olive trade and transfer the olive grove at the end of the contract from the concessionaire to the Contracting Authority.

Agrotal 2
Company Description
Object: implementation of the concession contract. The company was established on 02.10.2009. Its capital is 9'812'500 ALL.

Agrotal 1 - 100% of the shares

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