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Rehabilitation of Labinot Mal - Elbasan hydropower plant

ROT concession contract (rehabilitation, operation, transfer) for the rehabilitation of the Labinot Mal - Elbasan hydropower plant in the municipality of Labinot - Mal, Elbasan district.
The duration of the concession is 35 years.
The Contracting Authority shall place for the benefit of the Concessionaire all physical assets free from any claim or encumbrance.
The Contracting Authority guarantees the purchase of electricity by the concessionaire for the first 15 years of power generation if the concessionaire so requests.

The total value of the investment is 12'500'000 ALL, of which 4'800'000 ALL are investments in machinery and equipment.
The concession fee is 2% of the energy produced. The value of reinvestment is 40% of the investment value for machinery and equipment. This value will be invested every 15 years.
At the end of the concession period, the concessionaire must transfer to the Contracting Authority any assets or facilities constructed and rehabilitated.

Ansara shpk
Company Description
The company was established on 20.04.2002. Its legal form is shpk. Its share capital is 4'350'000 ALL. Its head office is at the address Labinot field, Mengel village, Nacionale road, building no. 5, Elbasan.

At the beginning of its creation, the company was created with the object of activity: import - export of goods, textiles, construction products, hotels, tourism, etc. But, in v. 2005 has added to its activities civil construction, construction of works of art, construction of waste treatment plants, etc. In v. 2010, declares that the objective is the trade of electricity, while in 2012 it also declares itself as an electricity generation operator.
On 06.06.2013, the company has decided to suspend its activity indefinitely, but on 10.12.2014 it has returned to Active status.


Saimir Qosja - 100% of the shares

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Sonila Qosja - current administrator (30.12.2016 -30.12.2021)
Saimir Qosja - former administrator (12.10.2016 - 30.12.2016)
Arben Koçllari - former administrator (10.12.2014 - 12.10.2016)
Saimir Qosja - former administrator (20.04.2002 - 10.12.2014)