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Rehabilitation of railway infrastructure Fier - Ballsh, Fier - Vlora

The concession contract was signed between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the companies Albstar shpk and Matriks Konstruksion shpk.
Object of the contract: concession of ROT form (rehabilitation, use and transfer) of the railway transport network on the lines Fier - Ballsh and Fier - Vlora. Rehabilitation of Railway Infrastructure, operation as Infrastructure Administrator and Integrated Railway Transporter, of the Fier - Ballsh and Fier - Vlora Railway Transport Network and his / their transfer from the concession company to the Contracting Authority. Also, the concessionaire must collect the fees of the railway carriers.

Albrail shpk
Company Description
The company was created to implement the concession of the ROT form on the railway line Fier - Ballsh, Fier - Vlora. The company was established on 13.01.2016 with a share capital of 135'300'000 ALL. Its headquarters are at the address: Boulevard "Deshmorët e Kombit", Kulla Binjake, Kulla N.2, Kati V / 2, Tirana

ARC - 16.85% of the shares
Matrix Konstruksion - 16.85% of the shares
Albstar - 66.3% of the shares

Related Persons and Entities
Dritan Spahiu - current administrator (08.02.2020 - 08.02.2025)
Judmir Dervishaj - former administrator (09.05.2016 - 08.02.2020)
Adrian Bedaj - former administrator (04.02.2016 - 09.05.2016)

On 28.12.2018, a security lien was imposed on the entire share capital of Abrail shpk.
On 14.04.2017, the partner ARC was added, which bought 16.85% of the shares, while the share of shares owned by Matrix Konstruksion increased from 15% to 16.85%. the share of Albstar owned has decreased from 85% to 66.3%.