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Ship towing, transport of port practice groups to radars, transport of crews from radar to port, loading - unloading of heavy weights

The concession contract was signed between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the company Maritime Service Ships.
Object of the concession: The Contracting Authority grants the concessionaire the right to provide the following services:
• Towing ships during the entry and exit operation through ports and docking at port docks.
• Transport of internship groups of port authorities while receiving free internships in radas.
• Transportation of ship crews from radar to port and vice versa.
• Heavy loading and unloading operations at sea.
The above maritime services will be provided in all open ports in the Republic of Albania.

Anijet e sherbimit detar sha
Company Description
The company was established on 16.12.1998, with a share capital of 106'485'000 ALL. Its head office is at the address: Rruga "At Erazmi", building 54, H.3, Ap.28, 2025, Durrës. The object of the company's activity is: receiving internships of arriving ships, transportation of the internship group, transportation of the ship's crew, performing services inside the port aquarium, performing the towing service, loading - unloading of heavy goods up to in 100 tons, fresh water supply of Albanian and foreign ships, plumbing services, etc.

Eftimi Jorgji - 0.04% of the shares
Edlira Tatazi - 0.03% of the shares
Eftali Gjika - 0.04% of the shares
Mimosa Swamp - 0.03% of the shares
Bujar Hoti - 20% of the shares
Selime Dhaskali - 0.04% of the shares
Sokol Hoti - 20% of the shares
Ilirjan Feri - 19.22% of the shares
Qamil Dollani - 0.04% of the shares
Eduart Kaja - 0.03% of the shares
Vladimir Gjika - 0.04% of the shares
Cezarina Nikaj - 0.04% of the shares
Natasha Dollani - 0.04% of the shares
Arta Kaja - 0.03% of the shares
Bahtice Hoxha - 0.04% of the shares
Astrit Kazazi - 0.04% of the shares
Selim Hoxha - 0.04% of the shares
Vasil Rapi - 0.04% of the shares
Kujtim Hoti - 40% of the shares
Fatmir Këneta - 0.03% of the shares
Behije Kazazi - 0.03% of the shares
Anila Rapi - 0.03% of the shares
Petraq Tatazi - 0.03% of the shares
Luigj Nikaj - 0.04% of the shares

Related Persons and Entities
Bujar Hoti - current administrator (07.01.2008 - 13.06.2020)
Edmond Doraci - former administrator (30.03.2006 - 07.01.2008)
Grigor Basho - former administrator (16.11.2004 - 30.03.2006)
Adriatik Mukaj - former administrator (- 16.11.2004)