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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

The hemodialysis service

The contract was signed between the Ministry of Health and the company DiaVita shpk. The object of the contract is: the concessionaire will provide all medical, non-medical tools, equipment and materials for the provision of the following services: 1. Provision of hemodialysis service at the regional hospitals of Shkodra, Lezha, Korca, Elbasan and Vlora. 2. Rehabilitation of existing spaces in Shkodra, Vlora and Elbasan and rehabilitation of facilities and construction of new spaces in Korca and Lezha. 3. Equipping by mail for hemodialysis in all 5 centers and equipping laboratories for monthly laboratory tests.

DiaVita shpk
Company Description
Merger of companies Evita shpk and American Hospital. This company was created to implement the hemodialysis concession. The company was established on 15.10.2015 with headquarters in Tirana.

Diaverium International AB - owns 100% of the shares.On September 30, 2019, Evita and American Hospital sold their shares to Diaverium International AB.On 31.07.2019 it was decided to increase the capital of the company:The value of the capital was 1'000'000 became 157'294'851.The value of the stock was 500'000 became 78'647'425.5.In this period Evita owns 85% of the shares, while American Hospital 15% of them.

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