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Database of concession projects and Public Private Partnerships signed by the Albanian government during the period 2004-2020.

The supply of sterile medical and surgical equipment

Integrated services for the management of the central sterilization station at QSUT, for the provision of a personalized set of sterile surgical instruments, the supply of sterile disposable medical material (clothing) in surgical wards, the treatment of biological waste and the disinfection of surgical wards.The duration of the concession is 10 years.

Company Description
The company aims to provide a personalized set of sterile surgical instruments, supply of disposable sterile medical material in surgical rooms, treatment of biological hazardous waste and disinfection of surgical rooms and facilities where this service will be provided,

in university and regional hospitals. the country, or other hospitals, according to the hospital rationalization plan in the Republic of Albania, pursuant to the concession / public-private partnership granted by the Ministry of Health according to the announcement of the Winner no. 1440/13 prot. dt. 06/23/2015.

  • Servizi Italia - 30% shareholder of Sani Service
  • Tecnosanimed - 15% shareholder of Sani Service
  • Investital - 40% shareholder of Sani Service
  • U.JET - 15% shareholder of Sani Service
Related Persons and Entities
  • Admir Daca - current administrator of Sani Service
  • Bledar Rrokaj, former administrator of Sani Service
  • Ilir Rrapaj, 100% shareholder of Investital LLC, 100 % shareholder of subcontractor Globasher