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Use of the water source Sasaj, Bunec, in the municipality of Lukova, Saranda

The concession contract was signed between the Ministry of Environment and the company "Blue Eye One shpk". The contract is a BOT form contract, exploitation and transfer to state ownership.
Object of the concession: use of the water source "Sasaj" through financing, design, construction, commissioning, administration, maintenance of the work and transfer to the Contracting Authority at the end of the concession period. The Concessionaire will use the water only for the purposes of immobilization and bulk export by ship and also through an onshore / offshore pipeline transmission line with pumping station. The location of the spring is located in the village of Bunec, Lukovë commune, Saranda. The "Sasaj" spring is located in the Shkallnevic area.

Prestige Acqua Oligominerale
Company Description
Object of activity: import - export, trade of all types of wholesale and retail food items, etc. The company was established on 07.01.2011. Its capital is 100'000 ALL.

Sofije Merkaj - 50% of the shares
Prestige Immobiliare - 50% of the shares
In the Founding Act of the company, the name of the company is Blue Eye One, while its partners are: Sofije Merkaj and Ioannis Avdis.

Related Persons and Entities
Sofije Merkaj - current administrator (07.01.2011 - 30.08.2021)